Svetvinčenat is a Renaissance town located in the southern part of central Istria, with approximately 300 residents, 20 km removed from Rovinj and 25 km from Pula. Svetvinčenat area has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and it had its golden age during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. At the time, the settlement was transformed into a regular Renaissance settlement with the market and a cistern in its centre, surrounded by a magnificent castle, a lodge, a church and other buildings. The municipality Svetvinčenat has sub-Mediterranean climate favourable for the cultivation of vines and olive trees. During the summer, the medieval castle of the Morisini-Grimani family hosts the programs of Istraetnojazz Festival and the Medieval Festival and the city's main square and surrounding areas are the stage for the Festival of Dance and Nonverbal Theatre.
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