Sveti Lovrec

Sveti Lovreč is located in the hinterland of Poreč, a few kilometres north of the nature reserve Lim Fjord. It is located in the heart of an agricultural area in which olive trees, vines and cereals thrive. The population (approximately 300) is mainly engaged in agriculture, hospitality industry and entrepreneurship. It has been inhabited since prehistoric times and during the Roman Empire era the entire area was the centre of land holdings. During the Venetian reign, it was seat of the military command for the whole Venetian part of Istria. Sveti Lovreč was built on hillock and is characterized by a well-preserved Venetian walls with towers and gates and a three-nave Romanesque church of St. Martin with a belfry. On very clear days one can see the Alps from Sveti Lovreč, and sometimes even Venice from the belfry.
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