Apartments with sea view in Rovinj for sale (39)

Rovinj used to be an island once, so it is expected to see at least a little part of the sea from many windows. That usually raises the price, but also enables an easier refund of the money invested through rent. In the newer suburbs only the higher floors enjoy the sea view, since the Town of Rovinj is known for protecting the beaches and the seashore from overbuilding. Have a look at the Buying guide for apartments in Rovinj

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Modern three bedroom flat in Rovinj

  • 11

Modern three bedroom flat in Rovinj

Modern apartment on the first floor of a small urban villa, just a few minutes walk from the city center and the nearest beach, offers plenty of light thanks to large glass walls, and a spacious covered terrace allows all day outdoors while enjoying fabulous sea views.
  • 180 m2
  • 3
  • 2
  • 800 m
  • Code: 10603
PRICE: 552.000 EUR, Approximately 468.427 GBP or 4.160.166 HRK
Total number of properties: 39, shown: 1 to 8
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