The town of Pazin, the administrative centre of the Istria County, with approximately 5000 residents, is located in the heart of the Istrian peninsula. An attractive image of the medieval Pazin castle, located 130 meters above the deep Pazin pit into which the Pazinčica River plunges, inspired the famous writer Jules Verne to set a part of his novel Mathias Sandorf in Pazin. This consequently resulted in the Jules Verne Days being organised in Pazin each June. Sights worth visiting in Pazin are the Ethnographic Museum of Istria, located in the
Castle and the little church in the nearby Beram with medieval frescos of Vincent from Kastav, portraying the Dance of the Dead. Visitors inclined to adventure and sports activities will find here trails for mountain and recreational cycling, as well as walking and hiking trails for beginners and experienced climbers.
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