Motovun-Montona, probably the most well-know and attractive Istrian medieval town, is situated on a hill above the Mirna River valley. According to legend, Jason and the Argonauts sailed along the Mirna River just below Motovun, and archaeological finds indicate that the area was inhabited already 3,500 years before Christ.
Motovun forest is a renowned habitat of the white truffles, an underground mushroom of aphrodisiac properties that can be found from September to December. Motovun is the scene of numerous events, most notably the Film Festival. A well-known spa resort with healing water – Istarske toplice, is located in its vicinity. The area around Motovun is famous for its vineyards with white wine varieties of Malvasia and red wine Teran, which can be savoured in one of the many inns and taverns. Motovun has approximately 500 residents.
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