Istrian stone houses in need of renovation for sale (17)

Throughout Istria, from the hilly landscape on the north to the exciting southern coast, we offer a diverse collection of stone houses, old barns and farmhouses. Choose a stone house in Istria to you liking. Buying guide

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Stone house in Kanfanar

  • 29
Main entrance. Northeastern facade.

Stone house in Kanfanar

A well-known inn from the first half of the twentieth century, today a family house with two apartments and a total of seven bedrooms, is looking for a new owner after many years.
  • 260 m2
  • 880 m2
  • 7
  • 2
  • 17,0 km
  • Code: 20702
PRICE: 480.000 EUR, Approximately 425.726 GBP or 3.616.560 HRK
Total number of properties: 17, shown: 1 to 8
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