Istrian stone houses in need of renovation for sale (53)

There are less of them, but much sought-after…Stone houses, the decoration of the Istrian peninsula, have long been popular with buyers looking for authenticity and charm of times gone by. A perfectly renovated stone house radiates immense elegance and charisma which can’t be found in a new house. Still, before buying one it is advisable to consult an expert who will estimate the state of the house. Have a look at our guide, and we are here for any further questions :) More about services for buyers!

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Stone house in central Istria

  • 12
  • -27%
Western facade.

Stone house in central Istria

This stone house in the quiet interior of Istria attracts attention thanks to its original simple looks. The garden and courtyard are spacious enough for enlargement of the existing house and construction of a pool.
  • 44 m2
  • 512 m2
  • 1
  • 1
  • 22,0 km
  • Code: 20214
PRICE: 55.000 EUR 40.000 EUR,
Approximately 34.408 GBP or 299.891 HRK
Total number of properties: 53, shown: 1 to 8
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