Building land in Istria for a single home (27)

We offer building lands for individual projects throughout Istria, and the prices are from 15 to 300 EUR/m2. Would you like more information about buying land in Istria, visit our guide or contact us

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Building land in the surroundings of Svetvinčenat

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Building land in the surroundings of Svetvinčenat

Building land is for sale in the vicinity of Svetvinčent, which, together with the neighboring agricultural land, makes up a total area of almost 7,000 m2. The land has an excellent orientation, namely, it is located on a gentle southern slope, and since it is located at the very edge of the construction area, construction is not allowed on the neighboring land in the south direction.
  • 6.704 m2
  • Code: 40524
PRICE: 230.000 EUR, Approximately 203.994 GBP or 1.732.935 HRK
Total number of properties: 27, shown: 1 to 8
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