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For those who want to move to or invest in Istria, one of the most important questions is the choice of location. The whole of Istria is known by its beauty, but if you aren’t bound to a specific location by business or family, the choice is pretty wide. Are you looking for a lot of greenery and a slower pace which is found in villages? Or is your dream to open the windows in the morning and gaze into the blue Mediterranean?
Each corner of Istria has its alluring charm – the west coast is dominated by lively little towns, the east is distinguished by dramatic views overlooking the Kvarner Bay, the central Istria is home to picturesque medieval little towns on hillocks, and on the southern coast there is the biggest town on the peninsula with numerous antique monuments and beautiful coast. Talk to everybody living in Istria and they will probably tell you that they have found the most beautiful place to live – it is true that very often they are right. On the western coast of Istria apart from the world-known Rovinj and Poreč, there are also Umag, Novigrad, Vrsar and Fažana. Let’s move from north-west down.

Umag is situated on the north-west Istrian peninsula, known by the ATP tennis tournament and numerous sports activities. Umag is a settled tourist town not far from the border with Slovenia and Italy, which is at the same time its biggest advantage. It takes 20 minutes to get from Umag to Portorož, known by casinos and rich night life. In the area around Umag are mainly newly built apartments, while in hinterland holiday houses can be found. Property for sale in Umag

The town of Buje is situated in northern Istria, not far from the border with Slovenia. A fantastic view on the coast-land stretches from the town, and the whole area of Buje is filled with typical Mediterranean characteristics with numerous hillocks overgrown with vineyards and olive groves. The nearest beaches are about 13km away in Novigrad and Umag. The town of Buje was for a long time the centre of north-west Istria to which at that time small places like Umag and Novigrad were attracted. On the attractive southern hillsides in the surroundings old stone houses as well as luxurious villas for holiday can be found on sale. Real estate in Buje

Novigrad is settled between Poreč and Umag, north from the mouth of the biggest Istrian river Mirna. The old town was built on the peninsula which protects the bright little port with numerous fishing-boats. The coast around Novigrad is less indented and attractive than the coast-lands on the southern part of Istria. Many real estates in the hinterland of Novigrad have an attractive view on the hillocks and the valley of the Mirna. The offer of real estates in the place itself is mainly based on smaller, new apartments. The buyer can choose between the renovated traditional stone houses and modern holiday houses.

Poreč is a known tourist centre with numerous attractions and historical sites. It is a town of natural beauty, attended parks, refined greenery and flowers. The whole old town is a cultural site, but the most important is the Euphrasian Basilica, one of the best preserved monuments of the early Byzantine art on the Mediterranean. The offer of real estates in Poreč and in the area around it is rich and varied. The mere centre is a bit smaller than Rovinj which is why the offer of real estates in it is modest, but on the other hand Poreč is surrounded by numerous villages and hamlets, in which there are lots of real estates for sale. Poreč real estate

South of Poreč on the hillock above the sea rises Vrsar, a fishing place formerly, a tourist centre today. The well-indented coastlands with numerous wooded islands gives Vrsar a special charm. A sculptural school is active in Vrsar and its creations decorate the town quay. The offer of real estates in the area of Vrsar is rich so that old apartments and houses can be found in the place itself as well as smaller houses and grounds in the surroundings. The prices of the reals estates in Vrsar are similar to those in the area around Poreč.

Half way between Poreč and Pula we come across the picturesque Rovinj, a place which is called Istrian Venice with good reason. A former fishing town and industrial centre, Rovinj has gained status of a luxurious destination with excellent hotels, marvelous beaches and numerous events. Real estates in Rovinj are in great demand. The prices are therefore somewhat higher than in other towns. At highest prices are apartments and houses in the old town, on the peninsula, even 10.000 EUR/m2. The prices of a square meter in the rest of the town suburbs are a lot more moderate, and are around 2.200 EUR, while in not so far away Rovinjsko Selo between 1.000 and 1.400 EUR/m2. Property for sale in Rovinj

The little town Bale is situated on the hillock between Pula and Rovinj. Bale is known for the preserved medieval town core dominated by tall stone houses. The beaches in the Colone and San Polo bays are known for their beauty and clear sea. In Bale itself old-style stone houses built in line can be bought, whereas in the surroundings renovated old stone houses and building lands can be found. Real estate in Bale

Moving on to the southern part of the peninsula we come across Pula, a town which has existed for three thousand years, Istria’s cultural and economy centre today. It was home to the Histri people, the Romans, the Venetians and the central Austrian port. The town has beautiful beaches scattered on the nearly one hundred kilometers of beautiful and indented coast. The national park Brijuni is between Pula and Rovinj with fourteen islands and islets of extraordinary beauty. Popular areas are Medulin, Premantura, Fažana and Ližnjan. Even though Pula is on sea the prices are much lower than in Rovinj and Poreč, so for 100.000 EUR a comfortable apartment with two bedrooms can be bought.

On the eastern coast of Istria, where the green hillocks meet the sea, where nature and heritage become one, you will find Labin and Rabac. The old medieval town Labin abounds in art ateliers, in which you can feel what it really means to be in the centre of art. Rabac is a tourist place known for its hotels, steep coast and beautiful view on the Kvarner Bay. The prices of the real estates are somewhat lower than on the western coast.

Only half an hour ride from the coast the beautiful medieval towns of middle Istria will bring out in you primeval and deep, true pleasure! The middle part of Istria is one of the rare Mediterranean parts decorated with intact nature and vineyards which produce delicious malvasia and teran wines. Motovun, Grožnjan, Bale and Svetvinčenat are popular with buyers looking for stone houses in the idyllic Istrian village. A house with a pool and three bedrooms in middle Istria can be bought for reasonable 200.000 EUR, and a luxurious stone villa can be found for 400.000 EUR.

High on a hillock, with a view on the valley of river Mirna, abides the picturesque Motovun – a town of film and the legend of Veli Joža. Motovun is situated in the heart of Istria, and even though it is not by the sea, the climate is very mild and Mediterranean. In the very place itself stone houses can be bought, whereas on the hillsides of the surrounding hillocks there are a lot of old hoses for adaptation, newly-built villas and building lands. The prices of the real estates are somewhat higher than in the central part of southern Istria, especially if it is about the top locations on top of hillocks. Real estate in Motovun area

Grožnjan is situated in the middle of the hilly landscape north of the valley of river Mirna. The former narrow-gauge railway Parenzana goes through the place, which to this day has been turned into a bike and pedestrian track. Grožnjan, known as a town of artists draws deep breaths in the summer. There are numerous art events and jazz evenings, and during warm summer nights the whole town becomes an art gallery in open. The charming stone houses in Grožnjan have attracted numerous artists who have found their second home here. In the neighborhood of Grožnjan lonely stone houses with beautiful panoramic views onto the valley of river Mirna can still be found. There have been built quite a lot of villas with pools lately, which are looked-for among guests as well as buyers. Properties for sale in Grožnjan

In the middle part of southern Istria the little town Svetvinčenat is situated, known for the medieval castle Morosini Grimani and the Rennaisance square with loggia. Svetvinčenat is also a place of numerous cultural-entertaining events which during summer time are attended by many inhabitants and tourists from Rovinj, Pula and Labin. The area of Svetvinčenat is poorly inhabited so lonely stone houses and building lands can still be found. A number of foreigners have decided to buy a real estate in the area of Svetvinčenat due to the peace and quiet as well as the vicinity of the attractive coastlands between Pula and Rovinj. Mainly old stone houses and some new houses with pool can be found. Real estate in Svetvinčenat

In the middle of green Istria at the crossroads of primeval trade roads Žminj is situated, the cradle of handicrafts and trade. Žminj is at the same distance towards all parts of Istria, and it is ideal as the basis for investigating its charms. The nearest beaches are in Rovinj, Barban or Bale. The prices of the real estates are lower than in Rovinj, which is an additional reason to numerous investments in the area of Žminj. Žminj has 13 villages and hamlets in which houses and building lands surrounded by greenery and clean air can be found. Building lands can be found at the price of 15EUR/m2, while the price of renovated stone houses for holiday is from 150.000 to 350.000 EUR. Real estate in Žminj

One of the less known gems of northern Istria is Oprtalj, situated on the top of the hillock above the valley of river Mirna. In the area of Oprtalj there is the thermal health resort Istarske Toplice, as well as a number of restaurants in which local truffles are served. The area of Oprtalj is geographically developed and offers attractive views on the local hillocks overgrown with vineyards and olive groves. In the centre of the place several arranged old houses are for sale, and in the surroundings houses and grounds overlooking Motovun and the valley of river Mirna can be found. The nearest beaches in the area of Novigrad are from half an hour ride. Property for sale in Oprtalj

In Poreč hinterland, north of Lim bay is Sveti Lovreč. It is a fruitful area with lots of vineyards, olive groves and plough-land. On the area of Sveti Lovreč we can find lots of smaller villages with stone houses of which many have been renovated and put in function for tourism. Sveti Lovreč and its surroundings are very often targets to real estate buyers since they offer peace and quiet not far from Poreč and Vrsar. Real estates in Sveti Lovreč

If you head from Rovinj to the inland, in 20 kilometers you will reach Kanfanar. Nearby the place there are ruins of the medieval town Dvigrad, where cultural and entertaining events are held in summer. Not far from Kanfanar is Lim Bay, drawn deep into the land, known for fish and shells farming as well as excellent fish restaurants. Numerous stone houses have been built in the area of Kanfanar, which are occasionally offered for sale. Other real estates are building lands and old stone houses and stables. Some locations nearby Kanfanar offer an attractive view towards west or to the Lim Bay, but before buying the real estate it should be made sure whether the noise from the motorway is heard or not. Real estate in Kanfanar

Buzet is situated on the hill in the most northern inner part of Istria above the fruitful valley where river Mirna flows. Due to the many habitats of the precious mushroom it has been named the town of the truffle. The area of Buzet is diverse from 10m to over 1000m above the sea level. In the valley of river Mirna the climate is Mediterranean, whereas in the mountain area the climate is continental. The nearest beaches near Novigrad are around 40km far. Thanks to the variety of the terrain a lot of houses and villas have the advantage of the view on the surrounding hillocks and valleys. Before buying a terrain on the steep hillside it is necessary to check whether there is danger of land-slide. Property for sale in Buzet
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