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Portun Immobilis Ltd. was founded in Rovinj in 2004 as a small estate agency determined to make its mark on the Croatian property scene by doing things differently. It became a member of the Adriatic Group in 2006, and has moved to a larger modern office in 2008. Over the years we are proud to have become one of leading estate agents in Istria - Rovinj. Portun Immobilis is a service company, not a property company. Our service is finding the ideal property for our clients - not just any property, but the one that really suits their needs in the right amount of time and with the best possible terms and price. Our past clients recommend us not only because they can see these qualities in the services we provide, nor because of our long-standing experience, but because, most importantly, we get results.

Where are we

If you are arriving by car in Rovinj, visit us at the main office that can be found on the main entrance road (Istarska ulica) from Pula towards the center. On the back side of our building there is a big parking place in case that the parking in the front of the office is occupied. We are open on Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.
Address for GPS: Istarska 62, 52210 Rovinj, Croatia
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If you prefer to get on foot, visit us at the center of town in the new office at R. Daveggia 7.
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General Terms of Business

In accordance to the Croatian Real Estate Law from 2. November 2007 we Portun Immobilis l.l.c. (in continuing agent) adopt the following General Terms of Business.


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Portun Immobilis d.o.o. endeavors to keep the information in this website correct and up to date. However Portun Immobilis d.o.o. is under no obligation to do so. Portun Immobilis d.o.o. can at any time without prior notice make any additions or changes to this website and can likewise remove all or part of the contents of this website.


Portun Immobilis d.o.o. reserves all rights. Graphics, sound, text, picture, cartoons and videos and their arrangement on the Portun Immobilis d.o.o. website are protected by copyright under national laws and international treaties and by other laws. The contents of this website may not be copied, processed, amended or made accessible to third parties for commercial purposes. Portun Immobilis d.o.o. websites also contain pictures which are the copyright of third parties.
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