Services for Buyers of properties in Istria

We put buyers as first priority and therefore we have adjusted our services to their needs.

Basic package

This service is adjusted to clients who wish to get acquainted with the real-estate location or view it with our help and afterwards organize the sales and conveyancing by themselves. Our service consists of taking the client to real-estate tour and mediation during making arrangements with its owner.

The only obligation of the client, who after the tour intends to buy the real-estate, is to provide the Agency with an offer for buying real-estate and if sales are concluded provision for the Agency amounts to 1,50% + VAT.

Before the real-estate tour, the buyer and the Agency conclude a Mediation Agreement in writing.

Package turnkey

Buyers who wish for the Agency to organize a sales procedure, conveyancing and taking-over as well as transfer of operating costs along with the real-estate tour, can additionally decide on this service package. This package generally offers:
• preparing of sales agreement namely pre-agreement by a law firm
• entering of the proprietary right and other rights into land registry books (court fees included)
• checking of the status of operating costs
• taking-over of the real-estate
• transfer of operating costs

The amount of provision is determined on the basis of real-estate value and scope of work and varies from 2.00% to 3.00% of real-estate price. To the mentioned prices of our services VAT at rate of 25% is calculated.

Inspection review of real-estate

Do you prior to buying wish to check whether there are any problems with dampness, installations, statics, heating or the pool? We have our team of experts at your disposal, who can check the condition of the real-estate in detail.
General prices for the inspection:
- Review of the construction of the building 750 kn
- Review of the heating and cooling equipment 500 kn
- Review of plumbing installations 300 kn
- Review of electrical installations 300 kn
- Review of watering system 300kn
- Review of the pool and pool equipment 500 kn
- Review of the alarm system 300 kn
VAT 25% is not included.

Inspection of infrastructure

If you intend to buy a building plot or a house which is not connected to infrastructure, it is important for you to prior to buying get the information on the way of connecting to electrical and plumbing systems. The conditions for connecting change quickly because the existing infrastructure has its limits and the number of consumers rises constantly.
Price of inspection:
- checking the possibility of connecting to electric-power network 900 kn
- checking the possibility of connecting to plumbing network 900 kn
- checking the possibility of getting a phone and internet ports 500 kn
VAT 25% is not included.

Checking the possibility of constructing/building an addition

Are you buying an old stone barn outside of the construction area which you wish to convert into a vacation house or maybe a plot of land which is located on an unbuilt part of a construction area? Do not buy sight unseen, rather before buying cover yourself and engage an expert who will check whether your idea for the subject real-estate can be realised. Consultations with an expert are charged 750 Kuna/per hour.

Checking of plot of land’s borders, entering of construction into the land registry

During buying of plots of land or old Istria estate it can be questionable where the borders with a neighbour are. And some of the constructions you are buying may not be registered so after the buying you have an intention to draft them or maybe you are buying a plot of land which needs to be measured and design basis made. A land-surveyor we cooperate with is able to quickly and in an expert way resolve all your doubts. General prices for services are:
- borders' determining 3.000 Kuna
- registration of construction's data 4.500 Kuna into cadastral system
- scan of existing condition and registration in the cadastre 5.500 Kuna
- land-survey situational design 5.500 Kuna
- land-survey project 10.000 Kuna
To the mentioned services' prices VAT at rate of 25% is calculated.

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