Apartments with sea view in Rovinj for sale (21)

Everybody longs for sea view, and the persistent ones get it! Rovinj used to be an island once, so it is expected to see at least a little part of the sea from many windows. That usually raises the price, but also enables an easier refund of the money invested through rent. In the newer suburbs only the higher floors enjoy the sea view, since the Town of Rovinj is known for protecting the beaches and the seashore from overbuilding. Have a look at our guide for buying apartments in Rovinj –for any further questions contact us. More about the 0% commission package for buyers!

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Apartment 1. Dining room/living room. Orientation: Southwest.

Two apartments overlooking the cove Valdibora in Rovinj

Cove Valdibora In Rovinj was named by the cold and strong northeast wind which is occasionaly roughening it's sea surface. Instead of suffering from cold temperatures when Bora is blowing, future owners of these two well insulated apartments will enjoy the beautiful sea views over the cove Valdibora.
  • 120 m2
  • 2
  • 2
  • 250 m
  • Code: 10380
Price: 350.000 EUR 335.000 EUR,
Approximately 299.892 GBP or 2.482.592 HRK
  • 15
4th Floor. Looking Northwest.

A two bedroom apartment with stunning sea views in the centre of Rovinj

A fantastic two bedroom apartment with two bathrooms whose area amounts to 62 m2 is laid out on the third floor, fourth floor and attic of a stone house in the center of Rovinj. Excellent views of the sea can be enjoyed from the bedroom on the 4th floor.
  • 62 m2
  • 2
  • 2
  • 200 m
  • Code: 10419
Price: 215.000 EUR, Approximately 192.468 GBP or 1.593.305 HRK
  • 9

Modern three bedroom penthouse with large terrace in beautiful Rovinj

The second floor and attic of a new condominium only a few steps from the sea in Rovinj are occupied by this modern three bedroom penthouse with large terrace measuring 247,70 sqm. The penthouse offers panoramic sea views from the terrace.
  • 248 m2
  • 3
  • 3
  • 500 m
  • Code: 10450
Price: 967.000 EUR, Approximately 865.658 GBP or 7.166.167 HRK
  • 20
2nd Floor. Dining room/living room, 19,8 m2. Orientation: South.

Rovinj, apartment with stunning view to the south harbor

Croatia, Rovinj, 2-storey apartment with two bedrooms 71 m2, on 2nd. floor, with sea view, in the centre, kitchen, bathroom equipment, door phone, built before 1800., restored in 1997., sea 5 m, center 50 m. Orientation: south.
  • 71 m2
  • 2
  • 1
  • 5 m
  • Code: 10403
Price: 320.000 EUR, Approximately 286.464 GBP or 2.371.431 HRK
  • 17
Dining room/living room, 23,7 m2.

Three bedroom flat with seaview in beautiful Rovinj

This three bedroom flat with two bathrooms is arranged over the attic of a three-storey house only a few steps from the sea in Rovinj. The flat measures 92,98 sqm. The flat offers sea and park forest view from the covered terrrace.
  • 93 m2
  • 3
  • 2
  • 140 m
  • Code: 10455
Price: 295.000 EUR, Approximately 264.084 GBP or 2.186.163 HRK
Total number of properties: 21, shown: 1 to 8
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