Luxury villas for sale in Istria (11)

Slowly but persistently Istria is finding its way on the luxurious real estate market, which is why more and more luxurious villas and apartments are being built. Villas by the sea as well as gorgeous villas in the mystically beautiful inner part of Istria can be found. Especially attractive are the renovated old villas and estates which there are few of and are sold fast. Have a look at our guide for buying houses in Istria – and for all other questions contact us. More about services for buyers!

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Aerial view.

Well-hidden luxurious villa with five bedrooms in central Istria

This well hidden luxurious property can be found in a tiny village in central Istria, halfway between St. Lovrec and Tinjan. It is arranged as a comfortable holiday villa, which can in five spacious bedrooms accommodate 10 guests.
  • 314 m2
  • 1.998 m2
  • 5
  • 5
  • 24,0 km
  • Code: 20441
Price: 990.000 EUR 850.000 EUR,
Approximately 763.130 GBP or 6.282.256 HRK
  • 55
  • -17%

Attractive villa with pool in the surroundings of Fažana

This attractive villa with pool is located just a few minutes' drive from the sea in the vicinity of the beautiful Fažana. The villa offers panoramic sea views from the terrace on the 2nd floor. The villa was designed for the purpose of renting to tourists and it is categorized with five stars.
  • 333 m2
  • 962 m2
  • 3
  • 3
  • 6,0 km
  • Code: 20463
Price: 630.000 EUR 520.000 EUR,
Approximately 466.856 GBP or 3.843.262 HRK
  • 22

House in Rovinj, 2nd row from the beach - Great sea view

This thoroughly restored detached house with three apartments is located a few steps away from the beach in the idyllic Rovinj. The house offer wonderful views of the sea from the ground floor, first floor and second floor.
  • 273 m2
  • 400 m2
  • 5
  • 5
  • 150 m
  • Code: 20526
Price: 1.400.000 EUR, Approximately 1.256.920 GBP or 10.347.245 HRK
  • 26
Southern facade.

Modern villa with pool located near Višnjan

This modernly equipped villa with a pool is located in a serene setting not far from Višnjan. The villa was designed for the purpose of renting to tourists and it is awarded with four stars.
  • 305 m2
  • 1.743 m2
  • 4
  • 4
  • 20,0 km
  • Code: 20472
Price: 790.000 EUR, Approximately 709.262 GBP or 5.838.802 HRK
  • 48
  • -16%

Country villa with pool, three bedrooms and three bathrooms in the area of Vizinada

In a quiet village near Vizinada lies this amazing country villa with three bedrooms and three bathrooms whose area is 238.20 m2. The villa was built in 2007. Extends on a elevated platform in front of which the land slopes gently towards north-west thanks to what already from the ground floor is provided a wonderful view of the sea.
  • 238 m2
  • 1.152 m2
  • 3
  • 3
  • 15,0 km
  • Code: 20399
Price: 595.000 EUR 500.000 EUR,
Approximately 448.900 GBP or 3.695.445 HRK
  • 37
View from South.

A modern villa with pool in a secluded location close to Žminj

This stunning four bedroom villa with a huge plot and four bathrooms is located in a quiet spot near Žminj. The villa is sold fully equipped, and the new buyer only has to bring along personal belongings. Distance to the closest beach near Rovinj amounts 24 km.
  • 323 m2
  • 5.002 m2
  • 4
  • 4
  • 24,0 km
  • Code: 20382
Price: 800.000 EUR, Approximately 718.240 GBP or 5.912.711 HRK
  • 18
View from East.

Multi-apartment villa in Rovinj with seaview

On a hill overlooking the sea and surrounding houses rises this multi-apartment villa, with an atypically huge garden when compared to other villas in Rovinj. Thanks to its elevated position, almost no noise from the street and adjacent houses can't be heard in the house. Such position at the same time offers views over the greenery, adjacent houses, old town and the sea.
  • 581 m2
  • 1.402 m2
  • 1
  • 300 m
  • Code: 20171
Price: on request
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