Luxury apartments are being intensively built in Rovinj

New developments are evolving constantly to keep up with the latest trends in architecture, but is it possible to buy luxury modern apartments in Rovinj?

This luxorius condominiums are prime examples how a modern project on a top location can offer true comfort of living in one of the most beautiful towns in the world.

Two-bedroom 88 m2 ǀ 10294
Two-bedroom 96 m2 ǀ 10477
Two-bedroom 98 m2 ǀ 10502
Two-bedroom 98 m2 ǀ 10499
Two-bedroom 104 m2 ǀ 10394 - SOLD
Three-bedroom 114 m2 ǀ 10506
Two-bedroom 126 m2 ǀ 10446 - SOLD
Two-bedroom 150 m2 ǀ 10488
Penthouse 159 m2 ǀ 10410 - SOLD
Three-bedroom 161 m2 ǀ 10509
Penthouse 174 m2 ǀ 10505
Penthouse 211 m2 ǀ 10423
Penthouse 258 m2 ǀ 10424
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