A farmland in real estate sale is usually called a land beyond the building area, no matter the current state of work and vegetation. Speaking of farmland in Istria there are pasture lands, meadows, plough-fields, woods, vineyards and olive groves. Only farm buildings are mainly allowed on farmland. If you are looking for a land to build a tenement house, check the offer of building lands – find outmore about that in our guide. More about services for buyers!

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Olive grove with 14 acres in northern Istria close to Buje

This olive grove with a total of 1,500 trees of different varieties is located on a hill near Buje in Northern Istria. The almost 6 hectares of the estate, which originally were woods and bushes, have been converted to the olive groove in the period from 2006 until 2011.
  • 57.869 m2
  • 8,0 km
  • Code: 40384
Price: 900.000 EUR 830.000 EUR,
Approximately 730.151 GBP or 6.142.807 HRK
  • 6
View from East.

Plot in the surroundings of Rovinj

This plot measuring 6.671 sqm lies in the area of Rovinj. The plot is located outside the boundaries of the building area. Plot is enclosed by low stone walls.
  • 6.671 m2
  • Code: 40387
Price: 30.000 EUR, Approximately 26.391 GBP or 222.029 HRK
  • 6

Plot in the area of Rovinj

A plot measuring 6.567 sqm is located in the area of Rovinj. The plot is located outside the boundaries of the building area. The nearest beach is 5,5 km away.
  • 6.567 m2
  • 5,0 km
  • Code: 40388
Price: 20.000 EUR, Approximately 17.594 GBP or 148.019 HRK
  • 2
Aerial view.

Large natural forest located near Bale

Not far from Bale is situated this plot with 11 Hectares of forest land and bushes. Most of the land is connected in one complex. Land is owned by two owners.
  • 114.000 m2
  • 6,0 km
  • Code: 40359
Price: 625.000 EUR, Approximately 549.812 GBP or 4.625.608 HRK
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